Pio la albufera

Trujillo Plains

This is another of the best areas for steppe birds around Trujillo . In this case leaving Trujillo towards Monfragüe National Park take the road to Monroy. All along this road until you reach the point provides a wonderful setting to enjoy the special birds of this habitat


As we mentioned at the point of Belen plains we can see the most emblematic birds of these territories: Great Bustard (Otis tarda), Little Bustard (Tetrax tetrax), Montagu's Harriers (Circus pygargus), Stone Curlews (Burhinus oedicnemus), Calandra Larks (Melanocorypha calender, etc.). It is also easy to see Griffon Vultures, Black Vultures, and eagles like Golden Eagle. The point recommended is easily accessible as it has a deserted stretch of road where you can leave the vehicle without a problem.