Pio la albufera

Belen Plains

It's more than a point of interest for birding, it is a spectacular area to see one of the bird groups most popular for the birdwatchers: steppe birds. Virtually all the way from Trujillo to the marked site we can enjoy the typical habitat of this group of birds.


We are in the plains of Belen : an area primarily used for livestock which hosts Great Bustards (Otis tarda) , Little Bustard ( Tetrax tetrax ) , Montagu's Harriers (Circus pygargus ), Stone Curlew (Burhinus oedicnemus ) , Calandra Larks ( Melanocorypha calender , etc.). This point is reached from Trujillo taking the road that leaves Belen and joins the Torrecillas de la Tiesa - Aldeacentenera Road. This is a road with little traffic which allows one to enjoy the birds in many places. Of all the possible stops this point is very good. In addition to the species mentioned above it is also very easy to spot birds of prey, especially vultures and kites, and wintering birds like Lapwings ( Vanellus Vanellus ) , Golden Plovers ( Pluvialis apricaria , etc.).