Trujillo. Center of Birding in Extremadura

Trujillo is internationally recognised as the most central location for reaching the best birding areas in Extremadura, one of Europe’s top birding destinations. Using Trujillo as your base, you are close to the best-known birding sites: the Monfragüe National Park, the plains of Trujillo and Cáceres, the beautiful Almonte river and Villuercas mountains, as well as wetlands such as the reservoirs of Arrocampo, Sierra Brava and the rice fields near Madrigalejo.

The famous historic town itself is one of the few urban Special Protection Areas for birds in Europe, thanks to the large colonies of Lesser Kestrels and White Storks. It is well established as the nerve-centre for birdwatchers, with a choice of the most experienced specialist accommodation available, as well as top birding guides.


The Council of Trujillo (Caceres) at the International Bird Fair in Monfragüe in 2013, launched a project called "Trujillo birdwatching" to support ornithology-based tourism. The project includes a series of activities which will transform Trujillo into the best Extremaduran bird watching area. International tourists are also very keen to visit areas rich in historical heritage.

As Trujillo can offer both a important historical patrimony and an enviable geographic position in Extremadura, it deserves its description as the Centre of Birdwatching. All these initiatives go under the name of "Trujillo Birdwatching", according to the words of the Tourism Councillor : “Trujillo is the ideal place for birdwatching tourists: its position and historical heritage make it a town in the best position to attract holidays makers and the starting point to visit surrounding places. Trujillo is the centre of Extremadura birdwatching”.

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